It also should be used carefully when given to a patient who is suffering from decreased kidney or liver function. website. Klonopin has been associated with causing drowsiness so caution must be used when driving a vehicle or when operating potentially-dangerous equipment. Long bouts of insomnia, however, can lead to a condition known as sleep deprivation which can be very serious and lead to other health problems if it is not treated quickly. When prescribed to a seizure patient, Klonopin can prove very helpful in preventing and controlling seizure activity. website. There exists the possibility of addiction so it must be taken exactly as instructed by your physician to avoid this situation. valium.html. Almost 70 % of users report acceptable results after a course of treatment. accutane.html. Soma will present some side effects but these will be different for each individual and most are not considered serious but will need to be taken into consideration for the safety of the patient and those around him. Many people end up giving up their entire lives and become shut ins in order to avoid any of the triggers that may make the condition worse. more info.